Outsourcing My Inbox – An Experiment In Email Management…

On Monday, I started an email experiment. All week, people who email my email address get this autoresponse:

Thanks for your email.

In an effort to free up some time and become more efficient and effective, I’m outsourcing my inbox šŸ˜‰

Patti and Corrisa will be monitoring my incoming business emails, booking my speaking engagements, scheduling appointments, and answering most of my incoming emails for the time being.

Should you urgently need to speak with me, text me at 3059928379@txt.att.net. I will answer or call you back at my earliest convenience.

If your matter is personal, you can email me at ********@gmail.com, however, I am “batching” emails and responding once or twice a day at most. Please do not add this email to any subscription lists or mailing lists.

I appreciate your helping me to automate, outsource and delegate all non-essential tasks in an effort to “upgrade my life.”

If you are interested in performing your own experiment, here are a few book recommendations:

1. The 4-Hour Workweek
2. Upgrade Your Life
3. Never Check Email in the Morning

Thank you!

So now I have these wonderful women, Patti & Corrisa (Advanced Assistance) reading all my emails. Problem is, most of the time they just end up forwarding me the emails I need to read… thereby adding an extra step (and often a few hours) to my response time ā€“ which is already long since I batch emails.

Don’t know if this is the best solution. I had spent so much time streamlining my inbox (funneling everything through gmail) and now maybe I need to split it all up again.

Anyways, any input or advice is much appreciated!!

Michelle Villalobos
For more tips, tricks & techniques, visit: http://www.MichelleVillalobos.com

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