The Rise of The Femtrepreneur

With each woman I speak to I become more convinced that we have a trend underfoot… Whether it’s because of the difficult economy, or the inability of corporate America to adapt quickly enough to our needs, more and more women are opting out of the traditional 9-5 job and are starting home-based businesses.

The fact is, the workplace was designed by and for men, and we women came knocking on the door asking them to let us in. Somewhat reluctantly, they did. Well, here we are some 30 or so years later, and for the most part, it’s still a man’s world (office).

Women don’t make the same money, don’t have enough flexibility to balance work and life, and feel overworked and underappreciated…. So we’re leaving. I left two and a half years ago, and I will never, ever go back.

I know I know, I’m simplifying it too much. But essentially, this is what I see happening. Anyone out there agree?

Hello fellow femtrepreneurs!!

Michelle Villalobos
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