Coopetition At Work

These are pictures of me with founder of, Jessica Kizorek. Jessica is a keynote speaker, a consultant and a marketing strategist, among other things. In other words, she’s my competition – or at least most people would THINK she is.

Actually, we’ve been working together a lot – she was the keynote speaker at my Empowered Woman Success Summit in June, and will be again this November ( We also created two amazing workshops: Strut 1.0 and Strut 2.0, and now I’m contributing to her upcoming book “The Official Guide to Being A Badass Business Woman.” 

Today at my Mastermind session, when I was talking her up to the group, one of my members observed: “Isn’t she your competition?” Well, kinda sorta but not really.

Once you define your brand well enough, and once your voice is unique enough, competition doesn’t exist. People either want to work with YOU or they want to work with WHOMEVER.

In this case, my leads have only increased as my relationship with Jess has grown. We make such a splash together, that more people are hearing about each of us now than ever.

Not only do I love working with Jessica (I suspect she feels the same way – ’cause she tells me so), but this is a strategic alliance in which each of us brings our strengths to the table.

Jessica with her amazing SPIRIT, her work ethic, execution-oriented approach, and a varied, vetted support network of freelancers and experts. And me with my audience, corporate contacts and Summit (which we think we’ve determined is THE largest women’s business event in Miami! – confirmation on that coming soon), where Jessica gets to showcase her skills and grow the BadassBusinessWomen network.

Do you have a “rival” that has access to things you don’t? Do you have strengths that she doesn’t? Rather than lament it or feel envy, think about how you could support create opportunities for each other. In other words, find your biggest competitor whose integrity you trust (this is a big piece), and seek her out. Figure out what you can create together!

Let me know how it goes…

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