What Sales Skills Can Women Best Cultivate?

Women have some great sales skills that come naturally. The trick is, how do you best leverage them?


1. No Matter What Your Age May Be, Let It Be An Asset Instead Of A Handicap.

In my case, I was in my very early 20s when I started my business and instead of letting my youth be a handicap, I treated it like an asset. Typically, potential clients would approach a meeting with me not knowing my age. Upon meeting me, it was very clear to them that I was young. Throwing them of like this was very much an advantage for me because I could then take control of the situation and confidently deliver an excellent pitch.

Thanks to Cole Imperi of Doth Brands

2. Natural Sales Skills That Female Sales Professionals Can Work

The female salesperson has an ability to empathize with potential customers. This makes her exceptionally well suited to the needs analysis portion of professional selling. Men tend to want to jump right into fixing things and offering solutions. By doing more needs analysis to find what pain the potential customer is feeling, female salespeople can more readily examine the customer’s concerns and bring them to an emotional point where they are willing to buy an end to those concerns.

Thanks to Todd Miller of Classic Metal Roofing Systems

3. Kid, You’re A Natural

Women have some things going for them that make them natural salespeople. For one thing, women are natural listeners – THE key skill for a successful sales person. Women listen well because we are truly interested in what the other person has to say. This allows us the opportunity to really hear their needs and situation. In addition, because we are natural listeners, people like to talk with us. We are genuinely interested so the other party feels free to communicate with us.

Thanks to Diane Helbig of Seize This Day Coaching

4. Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

We are all born with 10 senses, the 5 physical and 5 spiritual senses of intuition, clairvoyance, clair-sentience, clair-audience and clair-cognizance. By learning to “read” potential clients and by learning to listen to your external and internal Guidance system, you can increase your sales by huge margins. We are all born with intuitive abilities but we turn them off in childhood so it is just a matter of re-learning to tune into this amazing Guidance system for increased sales.

Thanks to Terri Jay of Terri Jay, Intuitive Messenger

5. Be A Dead Head!

No, don’t take up the wacky tobaccy and buy a VW van. But, take your cues from one of the most successful bands and give away your expertise as much as possible. The Grateful Dead were known for giving away their music and videos. Do the same, but applied to your field. Make connections for your target customers, give away your expertise, show them to where they can find answers to their problems, even if its not with you. People will remember you and word will travel.

Thanks to Lea Richards of Pig Of The Month BBQ

6. Ask And You Shall Receive!

When you are sitting down with a prospect; the first tool to use is asking questions. Ask what their current experience is like with their existing vendor and vendors product, ask what they would change about it, then ask; what else. The prospect will tell you what they are looking for and what they are currently dissatisfied with. Start your questions with “tell me”;”what do you”;”how do you”,etc. Make sure you’re listening, because they will tell you everything you need to know to close them.

Thanks to Amy Sangster of Muzak Focus Four, West Palm Beach

7. Stop Spinning Your Wheels. Just Go With What You Already Know How To Do.

When I was ready to leave full-time mom status and re-enter the workforce, I decided to start my own business so that I could still be mom first & schedule my days accordingly. I took a look at what I’m good at. Rather than trying something completely new, I realized I’m really good at..well… yapping. I like to tell my friends about the newest widget I found and build fans. So, naturally, my career in product representation & social media marketing made sense. I tweet & FB & build more fans!

Thanks to Shane Shaps of 520 East Brands

8. Yes, Virginia, It Is Still A Man’s World!

I have been in sales for 40 years!! (Always on a commission basis). I have always been successful because no matter how much we want to believe otherwise it is a “man’s world” in business and I have to acknowledge that. Women do hold important positions but the mindset has not changed as rapidly as we would like.
As a tip to women sales professionals: If your clients are men, learn about sports, financial matters (bonds,how money moves,Bernacke etc) and politics. They want to qualify you as a person. I have seen it time and time again. If your clients are women, you have to be able to walk in their shoes and understand their side of the equation. Empathize not sympathize.

Thanks to

9. What Sales Skills Can Women Cultivate/Capitalize On?

Be nurturing like your favorite grandmother. Ask good questions. Listen intently to your prospects, so they feel heard. Give them praise for how hard they work, how much they’ve accomplished and all that they’ve overcome.

Thanks to Carrie Hensel of Inner Circle Media


1 thought on “What Sales Skills Can Women Best Cultivate?

  1. Great post! and good news here… Might need to learn a tad about sports and money… refuse to get into politics though. What is next? how do I learn sales techniques, the feminine way?

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