Criticism For You

Have you ever struggled taking constructive criticism like I do? I just found a clever way to learn from it and wanted to share it with you.

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation and felt I had done a really good job. But when it was over, a colleague asked if I could handle his honest feedback. You probably know what was next. He proceeded to tear me apart (okay, maybe it just FELT that way). Normally, I would try to defend myself and give all the reasons why he was WRONG.

But this time, I instead tried to find additional reasons on why he was RIGHT! And with that little trick, I was taking the feedback in stride and finding ways to improve. In my case, one of the most valuable takeaways is that my closing was weak, and I could end my presentations much stronger. That’s going to really help me as I move forward.

The next time you are being criticized, try the same strategy. Think of ways to support the criticism – just enough to shift the context from “They are wrong” to “They are right” – it may highlight some blind spots that you didn’t realize you had and open yourself up for big time improvement.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011.


Michelle Villalobos (veeyalowbos)
Business Communications Skills
Speaker, Trainer & Facilitator

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