Freaking Out Onstage…

I’m a ham. I love getting on a stage and presenting. The bigger the audience, the more exciting, the more exciting, the more adrenaline, the more adrenaline, the better my performance.

But it wasn’t always that way. That same adrenaline that today fuels my performance used to have the opposite effect (forget “fight” or “flight,” it was more like “freak out” and “freeze”).

First, I used to try to memorize presentations. The problem with memorization is that the moment I’d get stuck, it would completely derail me. Another thing I did was create slide shows full of bullet points so that I wouldn’t forget anything… problem is then I’d end up reading slides. That would have been fine – if my goal had been to BORE my audience to death.

I knew that getting up in front of an audience and being a COMPELLING speaker would have a huge impact on my business. So I made a real effort to learn how. I took improv acting classes for over a year, I attended Toastmasters, I read books. I practiced. These days speaking is a huge driver of both revenues and leads to my business.

I tell you this so you understand what went into creating what I’m sending you right now. It’s a slideshow of the Top 20 Tips To Being A Compelling Speaker:

By the way, I’m also doing a Public Speaking Workshop for people who need a little more help (and honest, hands-on coaching).

Basic info here:

Ciao for now…



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