Been Backstabbed? Have you ever been backstabbed at work? Tell us your story, and what you learned from the experience

1. Shut Up About Maybes

Got booked to teach a celebrity on national TV to paint-a-picture-in-5 minutes using my patented 4 step “Instant-Art” Method.
Bragged about it – unfortunately another artist heard – called – used my name, got booked instead of me – and OF COURSE couldn’t guide the celebrity to look good and get instant results. AS excited as you may be, don’t let news out until firm – better yet – accomplished. I learned-made a contract to teach DAVID LETTERMAN 6 times on NBC-TV. REMEMBER it pays to keep quiet!


2. Think You Should Kill With Kindness? The Answer Will Surprise You!

Experience should have taught me that I would be in for trouble when I was hired into a role temporarily filled by another competitive woman. My intuition quickly picked up her subversive negative energy, so I went right to work to dilute it with my more powerful strong positive. What began as smoldering ash, turned into an explosion! I learned that negative energy would have been diffused by simply letting it go. Adding highly charged energy- even positive- created combustion. FIRED!

Thanks to Nanette Saylor of Wise Well Women Inc.

3. Trust Yourself

Still pretty new in the company, I was once intimidated into doing something incorrectly by a know-it-all arrogant ex-bookkeeper who years earlier had held my job for over a decade and who returned as summer help. When the mistake was discovered, she rolled her eyes to her familiar clique and laughed loudly with such superiority about having this girl here messing up. Lesson learned: Believe in yourself, have confidence, and always do what you think is right!

Thanks to Heidi Diana of School Jungle: All Things Educational

4. Boys On The Prowl

After diligently working my way up the restaurant chain ladder to upper management, the new all male team that bought our company out decided women needed to be driven out of the company. I filed a complaint with HR & ended up being threatened by the Area Director. I quit & opened my own restaurant. It motivated me to stand on my own & now I am on the newest successful venture, growing real estate in Metro Boston. Some times back stabbing is the boost you need to become successful!

Thanks to Lisa Flashenburg of Legal Edge Real Estate, Inc.

5. Do Nurses Care For Nurses?

“Do nurses eat their young?” Every year nursing magazines ask that & every year the answer is “yes”. I’m a firm believer in worker’s unions, and that striking is an absolute last resort- better to use Conflict Resolution strategies and take 6 months than to strike after 3 months. My first job I crossed a picket line for just that-thought it’d been hastily chosen. After I was the subject of pranks, gossip, and things purposefully undone by other nurses blamed on me. Lives at risk for revenge.

Thanks to Jan Patterson of An Ounce Of Prevention

1 thought on “Been Backstabbed? Have you ever been backstabbed at work? Tell us your story, and what you learned from the experience

  1. Having it recently happen to me, this was a great read. I particularly enjoyed Lisa’s comments, and this sentence: “Some times back stabbing is the boost you need to become successful!”

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