Have you ever been miserable at work? If so, why, and what did you do about it?

1. The Walking Dead

While working in a small division of P&G,I began to notice that people never raised their heads from the floor to say hi to you as we passed each other in the hallway. They were obviously miserable and it poured over onto me.I simply can’t work in a negative environment, so I quickly began lobbying for a transfer. Looking back,I believe it trickled down from the senior management team. I believe that life is too short to be miserable, especially with all the hours we spend at work.

Thanks to Sandie Glass of Sandstorm Inc.

2. Miserable Because You Don’t Fit? Find Out How To Be A Successful Outsider!

Treat your differences like a product and find the right customer! As soon as Friday came around I was dreading Monday. I couldn’t enjoy the weekend because I didn’t fit in. I was the square peg in the round hole. After being let go because of my career-limiting; tie, three years later, I got hired by the same company but in a different location. I was really happy, making more money and doing a good job. What was the difference? This new “customer” valued what I did.

Thanks to David Couper of Transitions Coaching

3. Miserable Graphic Artist Becomes CEO, Film Director, Spy Trainer, And Professional Speaker

Miserable outside my strengths. I quit to launch a media company, putting the 1st computer game in a cereal box, and 1st CD in Rolling Stone mag. I sold the company and directed a feature film that Warner Bros. distributed, and got hired by the US government to train spies with acting skills. Then started my current company SagePresence, teaching stage presence to business professionals. Look what wouldn’t have been, had I not strayed from my misery! You must follow your passion and strengths.

Thanks to Dean Hyers of SagePresence

4. Were You Ever Miserable At Your Job

I worked in Human Resources Management for almost 20 years, advancing and progressing, but losing enthusiasm. Suddenly it was 1990, country was going into a recession (Bush 41 recession). There was a good chance that I’d have to downsize staff and then myself.

I knew about outplacement consulting because I bought those services when I laid off senior staff. Had contacts at Right Associates — got an interview, got freelance work, improved my skills, started my own career coaching business.

Thanks to Bettina Seidman of SEIDBET Associates

5. Miserable?

Being Miserable is the best reason to find your passion. My dad wanted me to be an accountant. While I was good with numbers, I disliked accounting. I wanted to do something CREATIVE! On the train into NYC I met a man who told me to follow my passion! It was my (then)new husband who encouraged me to take the plunge, get a “NEW” education; soon after I opened up my own design firm!

It was the best misery I endured; 18 years later, I still love my work and the clients I serve!

Thanks to Pam DiTomaso, Allied ASID of RyanAlexander Interiors


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