What Is A “Personal Brand”… And Why EVERYONE Needs One To Get Ahead

Personal Branding is the process of developing a brand around your name and what you do. This brand communicates your skills, shares your personality and conveys your values.

Personal branding is a “must” everyone these days. Whether you are self-employed or working your way up the corporate ladder, Personal Branding raises your profile, establishes you as an expert in something, and increases your market value so you can earn more. Think of it this way: you are the CEO of the business called YOU. In this day and age ANYONE can and should develop a personal brand and deploy it online.

Personal Branding 101

The 3 key steps of personal branding are:

  • Define – in a compelling way – who you are, the value you provide and to whom. What are you the expert of? Who’s going to pay you for that?
  • Develop – create and gather your personal brand elements: everything from your name and the images that are “out there” of you (like a professional headshot), to the professional headlines and descriptions of yourself that you use on social media such as LinkedIn or Google Profiles, and everything in between.
  • Deploy – get your brand out into the world through a variety of tactical means, like social media, networking & referral marketing
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Michelle Villalobos (vee – ya – low – bos)

3 thoughts on “What Is A “Personal Brand”… And Why EVERYONE Needs One To Get Ahead

  1. Michelle, I recently found out that there’s another lady that shares my name who has a “not so good” reputation and her name (my name!) is spread all over the web. What should I do?

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