A-Ha #2: The Player Principle

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Be yourself. It’s the first step to turning your uh-oh moment into an a-ha realization. But where do you go from there? How do you continue on the path to success?

Change your vocabulary.

The words you use to describe your situation help frame how you think and what your outcome is.

Humans naturally have an excuse-making mentality to shift blame away from themselves and onto some one, or some thing, else. If you’re late to a meeting, it’s because there was traffic. Someone in front of you was in an accident, or public transportation isn’t good, or people drive terribly when it’s raining. Either way – it’s not your fault. You’re the victim.

Instead, own the situation. Be a player, not a victim.

If a player is late for a meeting, she’ll own it. She’ll say that yes, there was traffic, but she should have left earlier. Then she’ll provide a solution to the problem and right the wrong for the person that had to wait.

See the power that wording can have?

If you change the way you think about situations, you’ll get closer to your ‘a-ha’. Just remember: you are a player. You choose your attitude, your actions, and your outcomes.

What’s in Part 3? You’ll have to come back to find out, but I’ll give you a one word hint: discovery.

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