Interesting new research on email marketing

The following are some great findings from the Email Marketing Metrics Report, just released. Click here to download the full report.

How Soon Do People Open Their Email? – 74.5% of opens occur within the first 24 hours and 84.3% occur within the first 48 hours.

Open Rates – The overall unique open rates stand at 12.52% which is a marginal decline from the 13.20% open rate experienced in the first half of 2008.

Click Rates – Click rates held steady. Subscriber clicks in the second half of 2008 were comparable to those in the previous six months, rising a mere 0.08%.

Best Days to Send – Though weekends and the beginning of the week outperform the other days, Monday is the clear winner having both the highest open rate and click rate.

Subject Lines – Yet again, emails with subject lines shorter than 35 characters were opened more than emails with subject lines longer than 35 characters.

Personalization – Personalization can be good. Data shows when only the message is personalized, there are more opens and clicks. However, emails with only the subject line personalized garnered the least amount of opens and clicks.

Deliverability – For the second year now, deliverability continues to increase and bounces continue to decrease. This means more messages are reaching recipients’ inbox.

Number of Recipients – Messages delivered to small and medium lists have far greater open and click rates than messages delivered to lists containing 1000 or more subscribers. A smaller list does not directly affect open and click rates, but mailings to smaller lists may be targeted better, contain more relevant content or have more recent

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