This Is Your Brand. This Is Your Brand Online. Any Questions?

On Sunday I had the honor of presenting at Mashable Social Media Day Miami – an amazing event – and I delivered a brand-new case-study based presentation called “This Is Your Brand. This Is Your Brand Online. Any Questions?” The room was PACKED – standing room only (or sitting on the floor!) If you missed it, the good news is that you can see the slideshow here!

Who loves you!!??

Video Clip: On Networking Effectively

A quick clip about how to network effectively by building relationships with large groups of people in order to generate leads and draw business to you (rather than pushing, peddling or shamelessly promoting.)

The clip is from a recent workshop: “If They Don’t LOVE It, It’s Just SPAM,” which I did with Lisa Sparks from Constant Contact.

More videos to follow in the weeks ahead. Subscribe and stay tuned.

Michelle Villalobos
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