LinkedIn – To Forward or Not to Forward an Introduction?

As my LinkedIn network grows, so do the requests from people I know only peripherally to introduce them to others in my network. Problem is, sometimes it makes me uncomfortable  to make the connection. Not to mention, it’s quite the imposition to ask that of someone you don’t know all that well, isn’t it? Sometimes I make it anyways, other times I try to politely say no, and still others I just ignore the request.

But I’ve just come to a conclusion: No introductions anymore. At least no introductions that are initiated by others. Why such a hard stance? Because when I make introductions, I make them strategically, based on a win-win scenario. I decide that X needs to meet Y because it will be great for both of them. But when someone requests an introduction, chances are they’re trying to sell something to the person they want to meet – to my contact – and that makes me a conduit of SPAM. Yes, spam… and you know how I feel about that.

I guess it wouldn’t be spam if I know the person requesting the introduction well. It’s only becoming an issue as I add people to my network who I meet at my workshops and seminars.

So, do you face this problem, and if so, how are you dealing with it?

Michelle Villalobos
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