Video Clip: On Networking Effectively

A quick clip about how to network effectively by building relationships with large groups of people in order to generate leads and draw business to you (rather than pushing, peddling or shamelessly promoting.)

The clip is from a recent workshop: “If They Don’t LOVE It, It’s Just SPAM,” which I did with Lisa Sparks from Constant Contact.

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Michelle Villalobos
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Power Networking 101 Tip #3

Make eye contact. When first meeting people, making sustained eye contact generates immediate feelings of like and trust. Try to hold eye contact for a few seconds longer than you’re comfortable with, and watch what happens… It’s amazing.

Why does it work? Because making eye contact is the simplest, most basic human form of connection. Consider that within hours, or at most days, from birth, human babies are able to hold sustained eye contact with their mothers – and it is a fundamental part of the bonding process.

Baby making eye contact

Michelle Villalobos

Power Networking 101 Tip #2:

Check your attitude. When you walk into an event, make sure you’re in a great mood. I always play a song that pumps me up in my car before I go in. (A great pick-me-up: “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root.) Who would you rather meet… The first woman, or the second?




Michelle Villalobos