Why Purchase Your URL?

It’s important to purchase your URL – even if you never plan to use it. Why? So that no one ELSE can own your name. If your name is taken, try adding a middle initial or your middle name. Here’s a question I got from a recent workshop attendee.

Hello Michelle,

When you said “Own your name”, I was wondering, How do I purchase the url with my name? Thank you,

Rachel S., Miami

Rachel, just go to http://www.godaddy.com, type your full name (i.e., michellevillalobos for me) into the search box, and see what happens. If it’s available, buy it!! (I checked and it looks available). You can use any number of services to do this instead of godaddy. Here are some other options: http://www.register.com; http://www.networksolutions.com, etc…

Michelle Villalobos
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